Sunday, September 9, 2007

EdNet 2007 - Back to Chicago LOL

"If you want to play in this market, you can't be internal. You have to get out and hear what is going on. You must learn about the market, and EdNET is really the most efficient at getting the right information to you."
~Dr. Terry Crane, Senior Education Advisor, Infotech Strategies

SO - this is good an invitation to present my work on Ramapo Islands and this time, not to teachers and administrators but to industry leaders. It is also good that I am included on a panel of well embedded experts. It is good that I am being compensated for my time and it is good that Ramapo Central has hired an additional Media Specialist so that I am not stressing over what may or my not be happening back at school during my 2 day absence (overblown sense of self-importance!)

It is NOT good though, that I have been asked to keep my portion of the panel to about seven (yes that’s right) seven minutes. The thrust of the panel work will be for Q&A so I am to be brief and to the point.
Does anyone know how to take the most amazing, illuminating and awe-inspiring event of my career and whittle it down to a succinct 7 minutes? I had a hard time keeping the NEXX presentation to an hour! Seven minutes to explain how the kids looked when thye first say Ramapo Islands - Seven minutes to explain the deep level of engagement and investment my students experiences. Seven minutes to describe the process of transferring the standard curriculum into a meaningful and authentic virtual world experience. Seven minutes to share how my teachers stepped up to the plate and then were amazed at where the experiment took them . Seven minutes to outline the projects and the manner in which the students became the information provider - the student differentiated their tasks and the students instilled greater rigor into their work thn had initially been designed. And, best of all, how the students started to develop the curriculum..logging in from home, on weekends, after school, before school---

I’d better speak quickly eh?

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